Gravity Runner

    A pixelated flash of gravity flipping goodness available for the iPhone. Control Colin across death defying levels by tapping the screen to jump whilst continuously running, over pits and spikes. If in mid-air Colin can switch gravity by tapping the screen again and run on the ceiling! A fresh and new mechanic for the running/platforming genre. It features over 25 levels and an endless level, for only 59p!

    Whilst at We Are Colin, I strongly wanted to develop Gravity Runner – it was a concept I came up with for the iPhone whilst completing a previous project. Like the other We Are Colin projects I worked alongside good friend Dave Leverton.

    The game was critically received well by most, earning comments such as: ‘Gravity Runner has stepped up the bar for past and future platformers and it is a game that anyone, from any age and era, can definitely enjoy.’ and ‘Overall, Gravity Runner is a brilliant game… and is definitely an AppAdvice must buy!’.

    The game in total took around 2 months to complete. I also developed the Gravity Runner single-page website.