WordSearch Rush

    Traditional word searches give you the words to look for within a grid. This isn’t a traditional wordsearch game. To feel the rush you must find 7 words within a time limit associated with a chosen topic; but you aren’t given the words. So if the topic was colours you may have to look for the word “blue”. But don’t worry help is at hand. If you struggle to find a word you can always use 1 of 3 hints which tells you a word thats in the grid. The way you play and the speed you play at will decide your score.

    This was the first iPhone game I worked on at We Are Colin. John Sear (my boss) came up with the concept of WordSearch Rush, after creating a prototype. I later developed WordSearch Rush on the iPhone. The main emphasis of the game was to make learning fun. We later extended WordSearch Rush to support foreign languages and add-on packs, that could be downloaded from the App Store.

    WordSearch Rush performed very well on the App Store. A huge part of its success was because Apple featured WordSearch Rush on the App Store; it appeared on the front page of the UK App Store and under the “Hot Games” section in the US and worldwide. It reached #2 in the UK puzzle charts, second only to Scrabble.