Cavemen VS Aliens

    During my time at We Are Colin, this was the first project I worked on; a game targeted for the Xbox Live Indies Games Channel. The game design itself originated from the Diner Dash concept; of managing resources, taking orders and delivering to each table… It evolved into something so much more…

    Into a quirky quick paced RTS (Real Time Strategy), focused on managing weapons, health, pterodactyls, cavemen; capturing different islands and battling the dreaded aliens. Using your four pterodactyls, mapped to each button on the controller (A, B, X, Y), you must manage your cavemen, by sending them to islands to capture them, fetching them, supplying health and supplying ammo.

    I was heavily involved with this project; my tasks included gameplay programming, game design (level and UI) and the game’s official website. It was reviewed highly from most critics; my favourite comments include:

    “F*** Alien vs. Predator, Cavemen vs. Aliens is where it’s at!”, DIYGamer


    “ Well I had not even played 1 indie game worth it’s cash until Cavemen vs Aliens”, The Gamer’s Hub

    The game took around 5-6 months to complete. IGN also chose it to appear in their IGN picks channel; which features games they recommend players to purchase.