The Legend of Phoenix

    The Legend of Phoenix: Ocarina of Time, is a rendition of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (but I guess you guessed that already from the title of the game). It was built using C++ and Gamebryo and contains a number of different middlewares. The purpose of this project was to design and create a game, integrating a number of different middlewares.

    This is a list of the middlewares that were used in my game:

    • Crazy Eddie’s GUI – for all GUI elements
    • FMOD Sound System
    • LibCT – An awesome conversation talk tree system
    • Snapshot (created by me) – Capture in game screenshots and view them in a gallery in-game
    • Time of Day – Changes time of day
    • Observer – A useful tool throughout the game’s debugging stages
    • CAM – Used for the cutscenes
    • MapQuest – A quest manager
    • ReTrac Trading System – Allows the player to buy goods
    • BackPak – Handles the player’s inventory
    • Text Effects Manager – Used for snazzy text effects
    • Navi Hint System – Gave hints to the player throughout their quest
    • ISH – Input handler
    • Microsoft SAPI – Text to Speech

    A lot of the middleware in that list was created by students on the same course. As a requirement, each student had to create their own middleware and promote it so that other students would use their middleware within their own game.