Snapshot allows users / developers to take in-application screenshots and also browse these screenshots within the application. It was built using DirectX 9 and C++. This middleware was used in another of my projects (The Legend of Phoenix), whereby the player could purchase a camera from a shop and take in-game pictures.

    The download links on the right come with a set of instructions on how you can integrate Snapshot within your own application.


    Snapshot has the following features.

    • Capture in game screenshots
    • Gallery view to allow the user to browse through saved screenshots
    • Browse through saved screenshots at full size
    • Zoom in and out of screenshots
    • Remove screenshots from the gallery and their saved directory
    • An unlimited amount of screenshots can be saved
    • Save screenshots in the image format you want (png, jpg, bmp, dds or tga)

    Please note that the scene within the example project provided with the download is a demo from Frank Luna’s Introduction to 3D Game Programming in DirectX 9.0