Famous 5 Go To Demon's Rock

    Famous Five Go To Demon’s Rock was developed using Unreal. It is based on the book Famous Five Go To Demon’s Rock (a teensy bit) and is an adventure game incorporating puzzle elements inspired by the Legend of Zelda series.

    This was easily one of my favourite projects since I was able to create a 3D environment with my own puzzles – and is probably the project I spent the most time on, just because I enjoyed it so much. Whilst I found it quite tricky to begin with (due to random crashes with Unreal mainly) I started to love everything about Unreal (especially designing the level).

    The game starts on a lighthouse, where the villains have locked the famous five within their own lighthouse, to prevent them from getting the treasure located underneath it. The protagonist must find a way out of the lighthouse into the caves underneath and find the gold, whilst completing challenging puzzles using items collected along the way.

    The player is able to collect a torch, map, compass and journal. The player can push blocks to help them reach otherwise unreachable areas. The water levels within the game changes as the player progresses and the game features some basic AI.

    The HUD / menu elements in the game were created by me. The music and sounds are from the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Shenmue II.