TIO (Two In One) is a collection of mini-games. The player takes control of two characters; one character using the left thumbstick and the other using the right thumbstick. Together these characters must work together through a variety of challenges. They are able to recover each other’s health by meeting together.

It features 4 single player games:

  • Survival: Evade fireballs and chasers, to survive for as long as possible
  • Eruption: Prevent the volcano from erupting by blocking eruption holes with each Tio
  • Avalanche: Roll away from the avalanche, whilst dodging oncoming snowballs
  • Falling Stars: Fall through space, collecting life orbs to help you reach your planet

TIO - Survival TIO - Eruption TIO - Avalanche TIO - Falling Stars

The game also features co-operative player; which allows one player to take control of one Tio and another player to take control of the other. It also features multiplayer, where players compete against each other to survive the longest throughout all modes (excluding Eruption).

TIO - Multiplayer

TIO was a game developed for a “Games Design” module within my first year at University. It was developed using C# and XNA. All of the artwork was created by me and the music used was from a number of Mario games.

TIO - Menu

TIO - Tutorial Screen

TIO - Falling Stars Menu Screen