Googly Eyed Splitters

In the final months of my work placement at We Are Colin (last August), I began to work on Googly Eyed Splitters. Throughout the duration I was there I built a level editor and integrated Farseer Physics into the game and built a few levels. The new We Are Colin team continued to work on the game and the final outcome can be seen in the following video.

Try it out on the Xbox Live Indies Channel on Xbox 360. You can also try it out on your PC by downloading the trial here:

Gravity Runner

It’s weird to see that I haven’t posted for over a year! It’s late news (that I should’ve posted earlier), but during my latter days in the studio of We Are Colin I created Gravity Runner with my close friend Dave Leverton. Your typical runner – with the addition of being able to switch gravity across a number of death-defying levels.

It features 25 levels alongside 3 secret levels, in addition to a never-ending endless mode. It is available on the iPhone or iPod Touch only for 59p! If you would like to know more about this awesome game, check out the official website out here.

Cavemen VS Aliens

I know that this blog has been due for a long post; but as you would imagine I have been very busy with many other things, including my new job which I started in June at a newly found independent game development team.

We Are Colin specialises in XBLA titles and IPhone titles. Currently I have been working on a new Real Time Strategy game; I have not always been a fan of RTS’ until recently, and creating this game has really helped me to love the genre even more. The RTS I have been programming on is Cavemen VS Aliens. Yes, the name of the game and the two opposing teams may seem like an odd combination, but when you view our media gallery we have distributed for your viewing pleasure I hope you will see its potential.

In a nutshell, this game is aimed at everyone; which means anyone should be able to master the game’s ‘pick up and play’ gameplay and dive into the game’s action straight away. Don’t worry; this doesn’t mean the game is entirely easier than your standard game. It just means that its easier to pick up and play but has a good learning curve to follow through the game’s duration. Instead of me trying to sell the game to to you, why not just view the following trailer and see what you think.

Thankyou for watching and reading and I will be adding more updates on the game’s progress up to its release on October 30th which isn’t far away at all.