Responsive Grid Generator: Gridpak and LESS

I’ve been using a variety of responsive grid frameworks to help me speed up front-end development; whilst these allowed me to develop easily for multiple devices, they did not offer extreme flexibility in column width, padding or gutter sizes. They usually just offered predetermined column percentage widths, generated by the framework’s default layout width. Enter Gridpak.

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De Blob and TIO

During my first and second year at University I was required to design and make a game in XNA (TIO) and create De Blob using DirectX. Both of these tasks were completed, however so much more can be done to them to make them better.

I have fully integrated TrueAxis into my De Blob project and refactored most (if not all) of my old code.

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I’ve decided to migrate my blog from WordPress’ server onto a web host (SiteGround). In addition to this, I now have the domain name of There were some other domain names I tried, but unfortunately most of them were registered to others, but weren’t being used which was pretty annoying. I will be changing the WordPress layout after this academic year – hopefully.

The beginning of something new

Welcome visitor.

Sorry for the bareness of this blog, however it will soon be filled and will overflow with oozing greatness. In case you’re wondering, I am a university student in my 2nd year studying Computer Games Programming. This paradise, will be used to present my latest programming projects from my university course and perhaps some other projects.

These projects include creating a software renderer, producing a game using the Unreal Engine based on Enid Blyton’s Famous Five and there will be others, so watch this space.

Thanks for visiting. Hopefully you will return here in 1 – 2 weeks, where you will hopefully see new content.