Legend of Phoenix

University has officially nearly finished (minus an exam). For one of my modules in the last semester I used Gamebryo to create an adventure game (which imitates Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time).

In this project we had to collect various middleware and slam them into our game. The outcome of my game can be seen in the following video.

There was plenty more stuff I wanted to do, such as adding combat, adding Hyrule Castle, but unfortunately I did not have enough time to do what I wanted, but I’m still happy with the outcome.

The middleware that was used in the game were:

  • Crazy Eddie’s GUI – for all GUI elements
  • FMOD Sound System
  • LibCT – An awesome conversation talk tree system
  • Snapshot – Capture in game screenshots and view them in a gallery in-game
  • Time of Day – Changes time of day
  • Observer – A useful tool throughout the game’s debugging stages
  • CAM – Used for the cutscenes
  • MapQuest – A quest manager
  • ReTrac Trading System – Allows the player to buy goods
  • BackPak – Handles the player’s inventory
  • Text Effects Manager – Used for snazzy text effects
  • Navi Hint System – Gave hints to the player throughout their quest
  • ISH – Input handler
  • Microsoft SAPI – Text to Speech